Dizzy to Dazzle Christmas 3-week Coaching Group For Dizziness, Neck Pain, and TMJ clients!

Get the support you need during the first ever

"Dizzy to Dazzle" Best Christmas Coaching Group

December 5th - December 19th

Only $199 for 3 weeks of power-packed group coaching

Upgrade to VIP for $299 to include

an additional 1-hour individual zoom coaching session

Meet Dr. Sarah Gibson, licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy from Duke University Medical Center in 2005 and specialist in vestibular and manual therapy. Dr. Gibson has self-managed her condition x 11 years and has helped countless patients over the last 17 years with dizziness symptoms. She now serves as a health coach to clients all around the world helping them to defeat their dizziness, neck pain, and TMJ. Sign up below to take action on defeating your dizziness today!

All Christmas Coaching Group members

Receive The Following:

  • Three 1-Hour Group Zoom Coaching sessions

  • VIP members get an additional hour of individual coaching scheduled during the 3- week program

  • Complete clarity on how to diagnose your dizziness

  • A step-by-step solution to identify your unique triggers and best treatments

  • Private community and individual accountability to position yourself for success

  • Daily coaching support inside our exclusive group coaching group

  • Written program with foolproof exercises to maximize your progress

  • PDF cheat sheet with links to the best products to help you self manage your symptoms

Can't make those times or dates?

No problem, all sessions are recorded and will be sent to your email or text that same night!


"Sarah was very knowledgeable and very empathetic to the fear and struggles that we experience... truly passionate and empathetic."

--Diane B.

"My favorite part of the group was being able to talk to other members more directly about their experiences and share my own. Also being able to ask Sarah questions was very helpful."

--Shanel E.

"Dr. Sarah is the real deal! Cervicogenic dizziness is a real diagnosis and she knows it best!"

-- Ryan N.

"I was in tears because Sarah listened to everything and was so helpful! God is working even when you can't see it! It felt like I'm finally getting somewhere!"

-- Alison B.

This group has given me more knowledge and additional exercises to continue in the hope of beating this thing!"

-- Meghan P.

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